A prosperous Construction giant, in need of a capable central Midlands site to base their operations.

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An ever expanding and evolving site with complex requirements involved.

The Challenge

To design and install a future proof and diversely routed infrastructure to enable a flexible and robust network. Numerous buildings occupy the site, each needing it's own Network and backbone links to all the others.

The Solution

Fibre Optic and Multicore links with expansion, a 1000+ point Cat 5e localised network and Cat 6 data centre. Backbones cables are routed underground in a ducting system to avoid damage or tampering.

The Final Product

A simple and effective network that has been used and adapted over many years allowing the campus to adjust to the business's ever expanding requirements.


A few pictures of the campus and the installations over a period of years.

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  • 1000 UTP Cat5e, Cat6 Network Points
  • 13 Data Cabinets
  • 7 Buildings on Campus
  • 10Years Visiting Site