Dr Martens - Airwair

Brand new distribution warehouse, for the UK's favourite footwear company.

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A comprehensive Cat 5e Cabling system to provide both data connectivity and VoiP telephony functions. Powered by Fiber Optics, including wireless connectivity and networked TVs across the site.

The Challenge

To design, supply and install a fast and reliable network for the new distribution centre, with great welfare facilities. Networked TVs and a wireless RF network are needed for real-time updates on the move.

The Solution

A 250+ point Category 5e Network with an OM3 10Gbps fiber optic backbone system. 4 Data cabinets provide a saturated wireless network in the warehouse & offices, and drive multiple floor based operations.

The Final Product

The Cabalink brand is firmly stamped on this one, with great test results and beautifully dressed cabinets for an aesthetically pleasing finish. Another reliable network and another happy customer!

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  • 294 Network Outlets
  • 4 Data Cabinets
  • 13.25 Kilometers of Cable
  • 38Days to make it